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Company Profile

The Neothermal Energy Company was founded at Atlanta, Georgia, to explore and develop methods of converting thermal energy directly to electricity through solid state pathways that had not been utilized previously. The Company (and its predecessor, Neothermal Energy Solutions, LLC) developed a theoretical foundation for such a conversion methodology based on fundamental physics principles. Using that theoretical framework, the Company undertook a regimen of experiments at its Atlanta laboratory. That work confirmed the theoretical expectations of how Neothermal's technology can provide an economical source of electrical energy on a commercial scale.

The Company is now conducting further R&D to refine its technology, to develop manufacturing techniques that will support large scale production, and to develop systems that will enable the technology to be used in a wide variety of applications. For example, heat exchanger configurations vary among applications depending upon the characteristics of the available thermal energy, thus requiring differing engineering solutions for different applications. The Company has also done materials research to develop new compositions of matter that perform especially robustly in Neothermal's heat-to-electricity conversion process.

In addition to its core R&D work, the Company has been very active in developing its IP portfolio both in the United States and elsewhere.

The founders of the Company are Dr. Ahmet Erbil and David F. Walbert. Dr. Erbil is the Company's Chief Scientific Officer and Vice President. He received his PhD in physics from MIT and has been on the faculty of the Georgia Institute of Technology, School of Physics, since 1985. Dr. Erbil worked in industry and has served as a consultant to industry since joining the faculty at Georgia Tech.* Dr. Erbil is particularly recognized for his work in materials science and material fabrication, condensed matter physics, and the electronic behavior of materials.

Mr. Walbert received his undergraduate and M.S. degrees in physics from Stanford University and the University of Michigan, respectively. Subsequently, he received a law degree and is an attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, who has represented clients in many complex matters, including before the United States Supreme Court. In addition to his law practice, Mr. Walbert has been an active investor and served on the boards of new technology companies.

*Dr. Erbil's participation in Neothermal has been independent of Georgia Tech. He is currently on leave from Georgia Tech to devote his time entirely to the Company.